The one where I had to use my husband as my back-up interviewee…

Content Creation class is TOO MUCH FUN. I highly recommend it. I can’t say the same for my other two classes but one rhymes with Bath and the other one is sometimes fun but sometimes drudgery. I am finding interesting points in it all though, even the (Math class.)

For our audio unit in Content Creation I interviewed my new boss. It was really fascinating and I wish you could have listened to it. Unfortunately technology was not on my side, and the interview did not record.

Thankfully my husband is a fascinating person and was a willing victim of my experiment. Sadly the audio isn’t great. Did I mention I’m a newbie? Be kind.

In this episode of Hometown Heroes I interview my favorite firefighter. Hope you enjoy it!

Due to the cheap nature of myself, I did not upgrade to upload audio and it was a whole mess trying to put that audio on YouTube. Here is 5 minutes of our podcast. (If there was a laughing/crying emoji I would insert here.)


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