The One About Photo-Recreation…

I mentioned I enjoy my Content Creation class, this week we start our photography unit and my how it has changed since photography school in the late 90’s. While we were plugging in digital backings to our 4×5 cameras, now we have cameras with us constantly and can share and edit to our heart’s content.

I chose this particular photograph to recreate because my daughter is obsessed and it is hard to stay relevant to your teens. For real. I use words like “cap” and “fit” and there is not response. There was a response to this since my 14 yo was our photographer. She coached us to channel our inner Jake and Taylor. She made us play “All to Well” the 10 minute version, in the car on the way to our location. She took her job very seriously.

Sadly, I have been losing points here and there in this class due to overlooking the specifics…something I plan to be better at. I need to answer a few questions for the sake of grading.

I think the original photograph is famous not only because of the celebs in it, but because there are some songs by Miss Taylor sealing their coupledom in infamy forever. It’s a whole rabbit trail that I have heard all about. From that teen I mentioned. (Not that I turn away from celeb gossip. It’s fascinating.)

As I prepared the photo I had to take framing into account. I had to find somewhere in the PNW that would simulate a New York street. Costuming was also considered. The lighting worked for us today and is very similar to the original.

Something I learned to make my own work better is to make sure I have a few optional days to shoot. This week has been unusually nice in the PNW but we had rain today and I was afraid that would ruin our shoot. I need to make sure we have time in case of inclement weather.

Our kids will now have this photo to remember always. I appreciate my husband being a good sport about it. I can tell you it wasn’t his favorite.


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