Midterms and midterms…

somehow this year my midterms coincided with midterm elections. It’s been a week.

This week I had to create an infographic on the how-tos of Google Ads. Friends, it still makes no sense to me. On paper it looks great, one merely creates a campaign and then two ad-sets in that campaign and then keywords, and one must only use 7-10 keywords and only 2-3 ad-sets but when you pull up Google Ads I see nowhere to input these things, and quite frankly I’m too scared to go back and examine it.

I will share my infographic here with you because I happen to love making infographics, and if my job for the rest of eternity was to create them I would live a blissful life.

Today I’m putting together a PowerPoint for my Digital Marketing Strategy class and it could take all day. It covers all parts of strategy, a world once again I am not sure I belong in, but I will give it the “college try.”

As for Mid Terms in the United States of America, they were multi-layered. I am grateful for a country with regular elections but they don’t bring out the best of us. Politics are really a strategy of their own though, and we have studied marketing techniques used by different campaigns, now that is pretty fascinating.


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