Behind the Scenes…

I miss writing here, but school, the new job, momming, and wifing…I literally have to plan my toilet and food breaks. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This is a unit that always has me nervous, while I love the IDEA of video creation, I have no know how.

Here are my behind the scenes photos, I have a very simple set-up. I film during the day when the beautiful sunshine is filtered through the window, which saves a lot of time and creativity in setting up my own lighting. I need all that creativity for my video. I also added a lamp for a little extra lighting on my face.

The prep for this very short video has been a lot of work, not the script but the story boarding. I am not someone that likes repetitive work, and the top ten video format is a lot of creating the same types of story board, over and over. Someone, who shall not be named (ME) gave up at the halfway point and turned in a storyboard that was mostly done, but then jammed together like sardines in a tin can. I was docked points. It may have been worth it.

Today I filmed each section of my talking head, I have to admit, when using my computer to film, I don’t know exactly where the camera is. As I watched each clip back I found I was looking all over the place but never at the audience. I’m a good is enough type of person so as long as my audio sounded right, I saved the videos and moved on.

I also found a free site to download short movie clips. They are under 5 seconds each so should be legal to upload onto my video project. It took some time to find clips that fit, and there was one video that I could not track down so will have to use a poster.

My final process will be creating the count down numbers, I have another site that I like to use for that called Canva, I even pay for their premium membership, I use them so often for school and work projects.

I hope to deliver a project I can be proud of. The editing will be the final hurdle and I have dabbled in video editing, it’s not easy. I want to be able to layer my audio over the videos and create some fun graphics to make it exciting.

Side note, one of my classes had me taking a learning style quiz, and it was eye opening. I am an intuitive learner, in a major way, every other learning style was at 3 and Intuition was at 9. This means I like to think of the big picture, theory, or concept, but I tend to miss the steps leading up to making it happen. I have found in many of my classes I miss points here and there for little supporting roles in a project. Over time, missing these points can really add up.

I hope that I nail all the steps it takes to make a great video this week and turn in a project I can be proud of. Wish me luck!


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