Graphic Design Consideration…

There is much perfectionism that goes into graphic design, my problem is I am not picky. I have always been the type of person to see something that looks good and move forward.

For this assignment we could use a photo of ours and post a meme or topic over it that we were interested in. Since I am still in a Gift From the Sea mode I picked another beautiful quote from that book.

This quote means a lot to me in these middle age years of my life. I am a hopeless romantic and dreamed of the life I would have by now. While life looks very different than how my young mind envisioned, it is still very beautiful.

I have seen much beauty in struggle, the strength that comes from surviving trials that teach us lessons in ways an easy journey cannot.

I am grateful for the sense of humor I have, for courage that comes from hope, and for the strength I draw from those that I admire that have experienced hardships as well.

I wish for courage, strength, and a sense of humor for you too, my friends.



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