Adjustments and Retouching

  • For this photo I cleaned up her skin a little so it was smooth and not distracting.
  • I saturated the color to show the greens and browns of the area.
  • I didn’t need to crop it as I felt the space around her was interesting.
  • I touched up her skin here so it was smooth and her natural color could shine.
  • I clarified it more, due to the color coming through the bridge the color bled a little bit so this helped.
  • That’s all, I like how this photo was framed in camera.
  • I touched up her skin here once again.
  • I touched up the clarity because the color seemed to bleed through in this area.
  • I saturated the color to bring out the greens and browns.
  • I added a filter to give it a little warmth and make it different than her other poses.
  • I cropped this one to focus on the lines of the bridge.
  • I saturated the color so that the moss and the greens behind the subject stood out.
  • I added a vignette so that the eye was drawn towards the subject and followed the lines.
  • I added a filter so that the colors were warm.
  • I cropped the photo to fill the space with the subject.
  • I retouched her skin so that it was smoother.
  • I added more light to help balance the shadows.
  • I saturated the color to help balance the shadows as well. This spot was overly bright but we liked the bench.
  • I added a vignette to focus on the subject a little more.

This was a fun activity. I would love to get my hands on a real photo-editing program for more in-depth editing but I appreciate how far technology has come on our devices.


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