They are trying to kill me…

Some friends of mine had a quick weekend get-away to climb South Sister mountain in Bend, Oregon. I wasn’t able to go with them and had major FOMO about it, I love a good climb and an amazing view.

Knowing I only had a few months before they made the mountain permit only access I rented an AirBnB for my husband and I, and planned an adventure of our very own.

“They are trying to kill me.” was my friend’s brief video message about how their climb went. I laughed. She was SO dramatic. But surely if all those women made it to the top, I could too? I was fit, coming off of multiple ultra races. I could do it, no problem.

South Sister is an amazing hike. It is probably the most dramatic elevation gain I have ever done, not that I’ve done much, but I have done Mt. St. Helen’s and that one felt pretty easy. Sister has a “red mile of pain,” at the final ascent, it’s volcanic red rock and a tiny little pathway. One wrong step and you may slide into nothingness. It’s terrifying and feels so long. I had to make sure I was progressing by looking back, because looking upward at where I had to go felt so very far away.

This picture was taken from happier times. The trail up to the actual mountain is breathtaking. We had perfect weather, and I was so optimistic.

Anyway I could write a long entry about fearing for my husband’s life, he was breathing so heavy on the way up, and I could talk about the fake summit and how we had to cross a glacier field to get to the true summit and I could see water flowing underneath the ice, that was tenuous. I could talk about the time we spent on the summit with lovely adventurers like ourselves. I could talk about the way down and how I tripped multiple times on that damn “red mile of pain” and my heart stopped about 5 times that day.

I could also speak to being so excited to be off the mountain and on solid ground that I didn’t properly hydrate on the way down and had a case of vertigo in which I was left to cling to my husband’s backpack and close my eyes, making my way through that final mile with only the back of my eyelids to look at.

There were a few times I thought “this is it, this is how I die.” Yes, I’m being a tad dramatic. Yes, my friend that accused my other friends of trying to kill her, for suggesting South Sister as a “fun day hike” was probably exaggerating a bit.

I will tell you I don’t think I’m being dramatic now. Today. The first day of my second semester of school when I tell you “THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME!!”

I had great hopes, my friends. No marketing class as far as the eye can see this semester. Normal classes where I’m sure to at least find tutors that know what they are doing! I can find help for Math, English, Excel and my gorgeous Content Creation class is sure to be a breeze, and my creative side will be fulfilled.

Not so fast.

I have had technical difficulty up the wazoo today. I have been on a chat or phone with three different help desks. They all claim not to be able to help me.

You see, the Math I’m doing has it’s own program, and this program doesn’t like me…I don’t know what I did to it, but it won’t work.

The English text book I’m supposed to have access to is also not working, even though the Prof showed a simple video on how to access that.

I can’t see these things being resolved before due dates on Saturday. I feel absolutely helpless. They are trying to kill me. This is a new form of torture. A “we will show you how much work you have to do but not really let you do it,” type of torture that they just invented at Guantanamo Bay. I need access to a human rights lawyer.

Did I mention a program my Content Creation Prof said we needed, called Audacity, will not download to this brand new computer I bought last week because my old one died a week before last semester ended?

Is it just me or am I back on the “red mile of pain” trying to climb upward but sliding down with every step?

Yeah,,, they’re trying to kill me.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


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