Content Marketing…teach it to me like I’m learning the language…

Today was a really good example of nerdsplaining…if you are wondering what nerdsplaining means, it’s speaking to someone as if they are already familiar with the jargon related to your field of expertise.

My online professor posted a list of YouTube videos and digital marketing articles that were supposedly helpful to us, and then we were to answer a list of follow-up questions to determine our comprehension.

Enter a video which will not be named here from a content creator in the marketing world that my professor reveres. The title was roughly something like What is Content Marketing.

“Great,” I thought, “That’s the first question on the list. I am going to watch this video and have a clear picture of what content marketing is.”

That is not what happened. I watched the video, and never once did the creator tell me what content marketing was. I tried to infer from context clues. I knew that it involved blogging and videos. The creator mentioned he made 12 videos a month and only 4 blog posts a month. Luckily YouTube was here for me today. Another creator who will not be named, but who I now will add to my list as “extremely helpful” mentioned he had watched ALL the videos on content marketing and found none of them helpful.

“Wow,” me thought, “this guy is really dedicated. He took the time to watch ALL the videos on content marketing for me and others like me.”

His video started off with a story to help create a clear picture of what content marketing is and then shared a dictionary worthy explanation.

Interestingly enough, all of my studies yesterday were on the science of storytelling, and how it can actually relax and focus us so that we retain information better.

In conclusion my friends, I know have a perfectly clear picture of what content marketing is, so never fear.


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