It was time…

Time is a hot commodity for everyone. When my kids were young, very little time was my own.

Children grow. It’s a strange phenomenon. One day I’m drowning in diapers and one is on my hip whilst another is on my leg and then the next they are asking for car keys and Taylor Swift tickets. It’s quite jarring. And expensive. So in the mean time while my brain is no longer trying to plan the next day’s homeschool lesson or how to help Suzy toilet train, I signed up for classes.

Online classes.

The last time I took classes of any sort it was the year 1999 and we were all terrified of Y2K and computers were rarely used in classes.

I can’t raise my hand when I have a question. There is this thing called Canvas that is universally used for, well, Universities and the email is not intuitive.

In my classes, they have lists of blogs and YouTube videos that are teaching us. Not teachers. The teacher is mainly facilitating. By facilitating I mean putting us in these horrible things called “groups” wherein we are forced to reach out to each other using apps because we are a global school and must figure out some time within all the time zones where we can plan time do group projects. It’s absolutely terrifying.

I hope my time is being well spent. I’m 8 weeks in right now and every day brings a new experience, some are fun, most are painful.

What I learned thus far…

There is no tutor for Facebook Ads, or Google Data Studio.

YouTube for such programming assumes I know more than I do. Teach this to me like I am a 5 year old.

Every time I am introduced to a new program that should make my life better as a marketer I realize how far I have to go. Photoshop is also not intuitive.

But I’m also learning about myself.

I am learning to manage time in a different way. To delegate jobs I thought no one in the house could do but me. I am learning to teach myself when all these years I have spent teaching children of all sorts.

I’m still not sure I am exactly where I’m supposed to be because this is all so foreign to me, but it was definitely time.


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